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It is now 3 years since beginning the self-publishing journey with the graphic novel Yuri’s Day. The publishing team has got together again to bring things up to the moment with current happenings in space travel. Work is well underway with the publishers loving our first draft. Nice to here a client using the word ‘beautiful’ for the typographic design concept. As before, Piers Bizony has written the story and collated some gorgeous high resolution photos to populate what will be a 160 page coffee table hardback. The book will be printed in various languages so design must allow for black plate only changes to save publishing costs. This means the typographic grid needs to cater for word volume expansion of up to 120%. So the grid layout has a hang/sit ruling that balances adjacent columns of type allowing for ‘white space’. Captions need similar thought dependent on whether they sit in relation to the relevant photograph.

space travel hardback book design Bath UK publishingThe first 2 chapters have just been approved…
ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH introduces developing new hardware and innovative business models for exploiting access to low Earth orbit. Chapter 2’s ALMOST SPACE FLIGHT covers flights that fall short of reaching into space, offering a range of exciting opportunities for both civilian and professional adventurers.

More to follow…

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