How to make a graphic novel: 8-9

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STALIN RE-EDUCATION CAMP, 1939 Condensing the brutal reality of the Gulags, the Soviet ‘re-education camps’ into nine frames was ambitious. Fortunately I had some effective dialogue, based on survivor testimony, that had the quality of suggesting a lot in a few exchanges. All I had to do was give it a setting. Since Tsarist times […]

How to make a Graphic Novel: 6-7

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THE ROAD TO THE STARS – Korolev’s early career, and the events that are the background to it, could easily fill several books on their own. The Soviet revolutionaries are building a completely new society in the wreckage of old Imperial Russia. It is a sometimes violent and bloody process. In the midst of this […]

How to make a graphic novel: 4-5

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How to make a graphic novel: 4-5

Welcome comrade, to the authoritarian world of pre-war Soviet Union… Lenningrad, 1933 a young aeronautical engineer Sergei Korolev works in a rocket lab. 4 years later, his childhood dream is to be put on hold as Stalin begins his great ‘purge’. A gulag re-education camp in deepest Siberia… an odd place to start a graphic […]

How to make a graphic novel

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Starts here… a blog detailing the efforts and skills in creating a graphic novel, all told in the words of Andrew King, our team illustrator and story distiller. Andrew did more than just illustrate. He was the architect making this concise study work in storyboard form, planning the panels for each spread, keeping them dynamic […]