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I love this lesser known feature and rarely needed to use it. I created a 40 page A4 eBook and my client later decided to print smaller, hard copies. So, how to change the layout from A4 to A5 and resize all images and text styles to fit?

All kinds of users aired their frustrations trying to do it manually among the forums. And yet, here it is right under out noses under the layout menu. Drop down to ‘Create Alternative Layout’, select desired new size, make sure Liquid Page Rule is set to ‘Scale’ and go for it.

The clever bit is you can maintain both sizes in the same document. See ‘Window’ > ‘Pages’ and notice the extra layouts. Character and Paragraph styles have also been neatly duplicated for each layout size. If the old size is no longer needed, simply select ‘Delete alternative layout’ from the top of the Pages menu. The excess pages and all related styles to it are tidily removed. The whole thing took less than a minute.