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Variations – double gatefold brochure design

The best briefs come when least expected. Funded by the Arts Council, Sukosta had a low budget so we had to be thrifty with our time. Kosta is a creative in the world of performance art and can be almost dream-like in his verbal interpretation of his work. How to get inside his head and satisfy a critical artistic mind can sometimes be tricky. We visualise differently though still respect each others interpretations. The briefing session took me be surprise and lit up the hour we had together. A poster and brochure were to be created and we needed to convey musical artistry with rythmic variation. A direct comparison with book keeping was Kosta’s favoured analogy. He also played Bach’s Goldberg Variations on his Steinberg throughout, pausing when another thought was teased from his mind. This was a state of flow I happily went along with it. The performances were all in Switzerland at renowned venues so a creative, refined solution was called for. Kosta liked the idea of reflecting the Swiss constructivist movement in the solution. This was my most enjoyable brief I can remember, soaking up the enthusiasm and creative energy Kosta imbued. Not a brief – a performance!

When you are in the zone – create. Easy to get going on this project with ideas itching to populate a blank screen. A piano key matrix reflective of work by Joseph Müller-Brockmann became the main design element, complimenting clean, Bauhaus typography inside. Variation and rhythm were portrayed in the background wordage. Varied letter-spacing and movement blur supplied the visual interpretation.